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We are a dynamic internet software house founded in 2009 in Wrocław, Poland.

Everyday our developers implement an effective and useful technology for companies around the world. In our work we use the latest technologies and solutions like Ruby on Rails. We love challenges and maintainable programing with using really good code. We're changing the way of working by using our proven agile methods and techniques. Our unique approach gives a degree of flexibility and control that is rare in offshore relationships.

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Here is what we do:



While working for our customers we couldn't find right tools for managing project. This is how Tactics was born. Tactics helps to introduce lean into your business, which is fastest growing movement in management. Tactics works in SaaS business model.

Do you want a great to for project that takes advantage of Kanban , our beloved methodology?

Check: http://tacticsapp.com



Sorto is a service dedicated to professionals like translators, lawyers and trainers. With Sorto you can search for potential customers by presenting your services or find other professionals that you need for a job.

Are you a professional or need one?

Go and try: http://sorto.pl



Saying that if you aren't on the internet, you may not even exists at gone little outdated, because now to be is not enough. You have to engage. And that is where Mediafunnel comes in handy. It helps you monitor you brand better and faster. It's number one choice as enterprise social media dashboard tool for securing and protecting your brand.

Start monitoring your brand now: http://mediafunnel.com

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Our mission is to develop RockStar applications that serves your clients from all over the world and we have perfect tools for that.

We love web and all technologies that comes with it, whenever its server side: Java, C#, Php or Ruby or client side: jQuery, BackBone, Sockets. But what we love the most is Ruby on Rails and we rock in it.

Technology would be nothing without proper organization, so we made management our passion. We find Kanban best way for most of our customers need. With its lean approach we can make systems that we build available faster to final customers. And of course faster you start earlier you earn. For bigger projects we use Scrum, so your project can benefit from knowledge od our Certified Scrum Masters.

Our approach


First step is getting to know you and your customers. We analyze your market and target group, so we can better understand them and how they work.


Next, we cooperate to distinguish a set of basic basic features to make your application running and earning.


We bring functionality to application one by one, lean style, with Kanban, talking with you, responding to change.


At this point its time to release beta and get real users feedback.


When your application is live and running its time to bring new features. So we cycle between points 3 to 5, improving and maintaining the application, making it better and better.

Our approach saves your money, allows you to get faster feedback from your customers to adjust to theirs need better, all to get better product with higher customer satisfaction.

As a software house, we believe that our service is not only bringing high level of technical and design services but also sharing our wide knowledge about the internet, so you can always count on us, to have your back.

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Email: office@software-project.eu

Phone: +48 796 22 44 49


Plac Solny 14
50-062 Wrocław
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